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We want our employees to feel at home at Covestro. We provide them with financial security and enable them to enjoy a healthy work-life balance. In addition to this, we are offering a wide range of employee benefits – and we are determined to keep improving them.


We would like to give you a brief overview of the various benefits that we offer our employees. Please note that they vary by location. For more information about your country, please visit our local career sites.

Competitive Pay

Covestro’s compensation packages are designed to meet the diverse needs of our global workforce and include elements like base salary, bonuses, long- and short-term incentives, and benefits. Importantly, we regularly check in with external benchmarks and internal measures to ensure that people at our company are fairly compensated.




Flexible working hours

Nine to five isn’t what we’re about! We want our employees to work when they can do their best – and it is not important if that happens at 8 or 10 in the morning. That is why Covestro offers a big choice of options for you to select the working hours that match your job and personal needs. Flexible work hours have already been established in many Covestro departments.




Health support

Sports programs, regular medical checkups, on-the-job medical treatment and innovative workspace concepts are all part of our efforts to create an atmosphere to the well-being of our workforce. Expect exciting local offers in each of our different locations around the world. So lace up and stay fit! We’ll cheer you on and support you.




Individual development

Diversity in our workforce is important to us. Only in an inspiring environment with enthusiastic people will we be able to turn groundbreaking ideas into cutting edge solutions. At Covestro, we believe in a culture of open – and honest – feedback. As an employee, you will be able to grow in your position. We’ll support you with coaching and sincere, personal exchange.





In many locations we offer retirement benefits. Like with their working hours, our people have a say when it comes to their individual retirement plan. Whether they save money for the future, buy stocks or convert part of their salary into funds for an early retirement, our employees get to decide for themselves how they will make use of our company retirement benefits.





We are courageous

The courage of our employees is the foundation for every new discovery we make at Covestro.

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We are colorful

We value diversity. It helps us to create solutions that inspire our customers and employees.

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We are curious

Our curiosity drives us to forge new paths and overcome obstacles.

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