Polyurethanes – our “secret ingredient”      

The chair you are sitting on right now. The building you are in right now. The makeup you use. Cars, furniture, appliances: You can find polyurethanes in almost all areas of everyday life in a variety of guises.


Polyurethanes are the result of a chemical reaction. A chemical reaction is created between two groups of isocyanates (di-isocyanates) and polyols (organic compounds with several hydroxyl groups). Depending on the chemical formula, various compounds can then be created from this combination which in turn feature a very wide spectrum of materials with extremely specific properties.


We produce flexible or rigid foam plastics, binders, composites, integral foam PVCs and thermoplastic polyurethanes. In this area, research & development are VITAL. Each successful product and each new discovery we make are based on the curiosity, courage and inquisitive mindset of our employees. Only with their passionate approach can we continue to grow this innovative leadership and our financial success.

Covestro Polyurethane



Polycarbonate – our high performance plastic material

Indestructible” is a word that describes this material particularly well. This crystal clear high performance plastic material can be used for all purposes for which other plastics are too soft, too fragile, too easily scratched, do not keep their shape or are not transparent enough.

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Raw materials for paints, coatings, adhesives and sealants as well as specialist products

This business division is based on over 75 years of experience and expertise; it’s no wonder that this makes us one of the world’s leading suppliers today, and even the global market leader for some ingredients.

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