We are colorful

At Covestro, color is the spice of life.

Diversity creates inspiring surroundings that enable us to transform groundbreaking ideas into high-tech polymer materials.


You see things differently? Great! We are not looking for yes-men or -women. We encourage open discussions and promote a fruitful exchange of ideas throughout our entire organization.

At Covestro, we believe in being colorful. We embrace the inspiration and creativity that stems from the diversity of our employees.

We want your colorful personality, your passion – but also your opinion, your unique viewpoint on what everyone else might see differently. We foster your individual strengths and talents with dedicated development programs.



We are curious

Our curiosity drives us to forge new paths and overcome obstacles.

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We are courageous

The courage of our employees is the foundation for every new discovery we make at Covestro.

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Covestro as an Employer

Covestro offers you a healthy and family-friendly workplace environment.

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