We are curious

Curiosity is the engine that drives us to forge new paths. Curiosity makes us come up with new ideas and solutions.

Have we stirred your curiosity?

At Covestro, we don’t believe in business as usual. “Been there – done that” doesn’t work for us. We welcome unconventional approaches and perspectives. We want you to explore your individual viewpoint.

We are proud of our past, but we are not defined by it. We are responsive to our environment and believe that speed and flexibility will give us an advantage over our competitors.



Explore what makes us different.


Discover how you can MAKE a difference. We invite you to shape our company and our culture of innovation with us.


We are courageous

The courage of our employees is the foundation for every new discovery we make at Covestro.

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We are colorful

We value diversity. It helps us to create solutions that inspire our customers and employees.

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Covestro as an Employer

Covestro offers you a healthy and family-friendly workplace environment.

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